9 Skills That Will Give An Immediate Boost To Your CV

 9 Skills That Will Give An Immediate Boost To Your CV

Many people dream of a perfectly written CV and a cover letter.

Start making your dream a reality with these 9 skills that will set you apart from the competition!

Microsoft Office Skills 

1. Microsoft Office Skills

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook

MS Office Suite is used by 80% of companies worldwide. It’s simple, popular and productive. Some of the top MS applications include: Excel for spreadsheets, Outlook for email, Powerpoint for visual presentations, and Word for desktop publishing.

Boost your CV with MS Office Skills

Foreign Language Skills 

2. Foreign Language Skills

Open the door to endless possibilities

Studies show that up to 30% of vacancies in administrative and clerical roles go unfilled every year due to shortages in foreign language skills. Adding foreign language skills to your resume helps you stand out and improves your employability.

Master a foreign language

Leadership Skills 

3. Leadership Skills

An important skill on your resume

Including leadership skills in your CV indicates to a potential employer that you can help a business thrive, especially if it’s not a leadership role you’re applying for. Highlighting these skills will help you make a positive impression, and show that you like to exceed expectations.

Lead your way to an awesome CV

Creative Thinking 

4. Creative Thinking

Being innovative

Demonstrating your ability to think outside the box is important and common for all jobs. If you don’t have a solid creative-thinking experience, then think about how your creative nature has helped you in your personal life and how it will be an asset in your job role.

Drive creativity through your CV

HTML and CSS Skills 

5. HTML and CSS Skills

Basic tech and design skills for success

HTML and CSS are the building blocks of web development and in-demand skills for most jobs. While they are a must-know for a front-end developer, they are an important ‘additional’ skill for a digital marketer or blogger.

Step up your coding game

Communication Skills 

6. Communication Skills

A skill you will always need

Whether writing an important business email, or interacting during a social gathering, effective communication is a non-negotiable life skill. Adding this to your CV and highlighting it during interviews will build a solid impression in the mind of your interviewer.

Master the art of communication

Design Skills 

7. Design Skills

Design your way to your dream career

Be it for web designing, or for a career in graphic design, or even as a marketer, basic design skills is important to master a job role in a visual world. Adding skills on your CV like Adobe Photoshop and Graphic Designing will truly set you apart.

Design my way to career success

Presentation Skills 

8. Presentation Skills

Effective business presentation skills

Giving an interactive and easy-to-understand presentation with a focus on strong communication is a must-have skill for almost all jobs. From basic powerpoint presentations, to using various creative aids, this is a must-mention skill on your CV.

Present like a winner

Analytical Skills 

9. Analytical Skills

Identify, analyse, measure, and report

Analysing and measuring data is essential to understand the success of the business. Tools like Google Analytics and R Programming are important for job seekers to learn, understand and showcase their achievements.

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