A Married Woman Died in the Middle of a Wedding Party Giving Birth to a Baby

 The story of how a young woman and a married woman died during the celebration of her son’s name given Haifa Allah Sarki.

A married woman passed away during the celebration of the baby’s name when God blessed her.

Now God blesses a married woman to die on the day of the celebration of the celebration of the name of the child born while the ceremony of the name is being held in the house of the woman.

Of course, the death of this woman shocked the people who attended this meeting in this woman’s house.

But Something Happy! Now, among the relatives of the deceased, a Goddess of God said that she would take her sister’s baby and hold it forever. As a result of one evening, God found him the King.

This is a little bit from our report on the frequent absence of this gift of God who passed away during her wedding.

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