Gautami Patil Viral Video Change

Gautami Patil Viral Video Change has gone trending on social media after multiple clips on Twitter showed a Marathi Lavani dancer in a way that many people described as the wrong video. Gautami Patil was seen in that viral video, which made people go crazy for looking to watch it after it was leaked online.

Gautami Patil Viral Video Change also revealed that when the dancer is enjoying her dancing, then people start going crazy because of some issues, and things start to get out of control before the police show up and calm everything down.

Gautami Patil Viral Video Change

Gautami Patil was escorted into the car by police, and she was forced to leave the dancing field because of that problem, a lot of people are talking about this issue on Twitter, and the Gautami Patil Viral Video Change still going around social media.

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“During the program of famous Marathi Lavani dancer Gautami Patil, a tremendous ruckus in the program organized in the Rahata area of ​​Shirdi, Maharashtra, as soon as the program started, Many spectators started blowing money. After all the police had to lathi charge.” Raj Maji tweeted

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