How To Create Youtube Video Within Minutes Using AI Video

How To Create Youtube Video Within Minutes Using AI Video

How To Create Youtube Video Within Minutes Using AI Video

When you think of creating a YouTube video, there are several parts that must come together. You need to research the video topic, write the video script, create a voice-over, find related video footage and then finally edit the video. This often takes a long time. Right? What if you can use artificial intelligence technology to fully automate all these steps?
Maybe you don’t know, but many YouTubers are creating high-quality videos using this AI video creator and earning a lot of money on Youtube.
In this article, I will show you how I created a YouTube video within minutes. Often, you have to buy several AI content creation tools to have a fully automated video generation.
You would need a content writing AI tool to generate the YouTube video script and then another AI tool to convert the text to get an AI-generated video. but with this artificial intelligence video maker
I was able to generate a YouTube video within minutes.
Stoodaio Video Software Creator
Not many people know about this all-in-one AI software to generate video, so let me walk through this AI software and show you how to create a video super fast. You would need to create an account with this software before you would be able to generate videos, Once you sign up and log in you will see a dashboard where it said Create Video
With this AI video creator, you don’t need to waste time writing scripts, recording voiceovers, or editing videos, since this online tool will take care of all the steps. Let me go ahead and show you how this works

Create Youtube Video Within Minutes
To create a video click on the create a new video button. You will get two options. You can create a video with a script or from audio. You can choose the built-in AI content writer that comes with this video generator or you can type your own script.
For example, click on the AI writer button and add the topic that you want the AI content writer to write about. example, digital marketing or any topic you wish to create a video about
You can select the number of words you would like for your YouTube video script. The default language for this AI content generator is English, but you can see they have several other languages as well. after you have done Click on generate, and within a few seconds, you should see an auto-generated script on the right-hand side.
By reading through the text, can you say that this video script was generated by an AI content writing tool? Now let me show you how to use this AI-generated YouTube video script to auto-generate a video. Click on Use This Script.
Here you can select how long you want each scene to be. That means this text here will be broken down into smaller sentences and there will be a video auto-generate using artificial intelligence. Then select Submit Script.
Customize Your Video

Here you can see the video that was created by this automatic video editor. At the bottom, you would see the number of scenes. You can click on each scene and see the video clip and the related text. You can use the inbuilt online video editor and customize it if you don’t like anything.
For example, if you don’t like the video the AI video generator shows, you can replace it within this online video editor itself. You can select if you want to apply it to just one scene or all. If you don’t like that, you can select another and change as you like.
You can change the overall style of the video as well as change the text background, the font
type, and the text color. Then click on Apply. You can also position the text where you like. You can also change the text if you like. You can make some words stand out by highlighting them
Save Your Video
We are going to save this and go to the next step. You can select a voice if you like a text-to-speech voiceover. Often, you have to buy a separate text-to-voice tool to do this, but with this AI software, you get that. There are several languages and voice types you can select from. You can also select no narration or add your own voice.
If you want you can record your own voice. Here it breaks down the video script into the scenes which you saw before. You can click record for each scene which makes it easy to sync audio and the video. If you like you can also add background music. You can adjust the volume as you see fit.
Download Your Video
After doing all those you get a completed Youtube video. You can play it and watch what it looks like. this is how easy it was to create a youtube video using this software. If you like to try this yourself, use this link
The good thing about AI video creators is that you don’t need to pay a monthly fee like most of the other online tools. There is only a one-time fee and you can buy credits as you need based on the video you create.
Once done, click on Finish. You get the option to download the video, which you can then upload to YouTube. You can also host the video on this site and get a sharable link.

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