JJ Da Boss Burns Accident Street Outlaws Crash Video 2022

JJ Da Boss Burns Accident Street Outlaws Crash Video 2022

JJ Da Boss Burns Accident Street Outlaws Crash Video 2022

The viral news (including video) shared on many social media platforms about JJ Da Boss Burns Accident Street Outlaws Crash Video 2022 left many people in the United States looking for the one answer: what is really happening? there are two images that show two damaged cars shared on many Facebook groups about JJ Da Boss and Tricia Trisha Day Accident while filming America’s List Season 2
JJ Da Boss Burns Accident Street Outlaws Crash Video

After we did some research about JJ the Boss and Tricia Crash we finally found the actual clip that shows the scene when JJ da boss’s car accident happened, but many people assume both JJ da boss and Tricia are okay, 
According to the report, both two cars that were involved in the accident are really damaged, but JJ and Tricia were out alive In the viral video that was uploaded on Youtube, you would watch how one of the cars caught on fire and hit the other
Trisha Street Outlaws Crash 2022

In the car accident that happened during the filming of season 2 of Street Outlaws America’s List, Tricia, and JJ Da Boss contacted each other. Tricia went on to hit a Production, Van. Both drivers were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and will make a full recovery
“Tricia is barely awake in the car as there’s fire right in front of her face. Gawd, that was so hard to watch. JJ running 100 yds to her within seconds was superhuman. Dang, that really got to me. Glad both have recovered to some degree. Phew! Getting a little too real.” someone wrote on Youtube
JJ Da Boss Burns

There is still no real news that confirmed JJ Da Boss Burns during an accident with Trisha while shooting Street Outlaws America’s List, as per the video shown, The crash is really bad and the two people were lucky to be out in their cars alive

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