People deny Hannatu Usman’s dream of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

 Hannatu Usman dream has been denied, which she said that had a dream of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon to him.

Hannatu Usman was a actress in kannywood industry, which she made a name after her appearance in a series film known as bugun zuciyar masoya.

Hannatu was posted a written in her Instagram handle, where she sai she had a dream of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon to 

The written she posted in her Instagram page has drawn an attention where Many people criticizes and said she was lied where some trusted her talks.

The actress later posted a video on her Instagram handle, where she was reciting the Qur’an in sura Fath verse Twenty Nine where God called Prophet and his followers.

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Hannatu the actress recited the Qur’an verse since from the beginning upto end.

After receiving a thousands of massages from her fans for denied and trusted by others.

Below the video she was posted in her Instagram handle where actress said, if you denied my dream although you would not denied my knowledge God gaven to me.

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