Woman Stabbed On FB Live Full Video Facebook Stabbing Baton Rouge (Watch)

woman stabbed on fb live video

Woman Stabbed On FB Live Full Video Facebook Stabbing Baton Rouge (Watch)

The horrible clip from social media shows how a young was stabbing a 34-year-old Baton Rouge woman multiple times which lead to her death just like the police said, Woman Stabbed On FB Live went viral online as many are searching to find Facebook live stabbing baton rouge trending clip which was uploaded on Youtube
The 34-year-old woman named Janice David was seen in the Facebook Livestream video with her hands tied while a man stabbed her multiple times, many people that watched the video described it as a most disturbing thing
Woman Stabbed On FB Live Full Video

According to the police investigation, Janice David’s body was found in an office building’s parking lot shortly before 10 p.m. on Monday 18 April 2022, people on Twitter are still posting about Facebook live stabbing baton rouge incident, “Seeing that video of the woman being stabbed to death on FB live is disturbing…… that shit got my stomach hurting,” someone tweeted
The live broadcast of the woman stabbed on FB Live was uploaded on Youtube by an unknown woman who wants people to watch exactly what happened, Watch The Video Here

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