Woman Tries Squatting On A Smith Machine Death Video Twitter Reddit (with no clips)

woman tries squatting on smith machine

Woman Tries Squatting On A Smith Machine Death Video Twitter Reddit (with no clips)

In this life, Every person could meet with his death in an unexpected way that he never knows is coming, that is what happened to a woman who died in a GYM room in Mexico country, The video about Woman Tries Squatting On A Smith Machine went viral online on many social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter
The 1 minute and 42-second video uploaded on the Reddit website shows how a woman (with her daughter) bent down to squat 405 pounds crushed her head to death on the smith machine in Mexico
Woman Tries Squatting On Smith Machine
The woman (between 35-40 years old) met with her death after attempting to lift 405lbs in a gym fitness sports center in Mexico City, Many people reacted to a woman trying squatting on smith machine news on social media after they had watched a viral video that was shared many times
Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit
In the video that was shared on Twitter and Reddit, you would see how a woman’s daughter and the man spotting her tried to free lifter but were unsuccessful
Many people said the woman had only one spotter on the left side since the weight was attached to the smith machine, she was unable to shrug the weight forward and position herself free, Watch the video below (Graphic)

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